Interview Feedback – The bad and the bad

Interview Feedback – The bad and the bad

I applied for the role of graphic designer for Strax through recruitment agency Salt. I had an interview on Monday 25th March in Maidenhead where we went through my portfolio and cv after I was briefly told about the company and the role.

A week later, I hadn’t heard anything back, so I got in touch with Salt to see if they received any feedback from Rachael and Strax. Here are some of the comments…


1. The interviewer referred to my clients as ‘mates’ which isn’t a term I used in the interview.

I am self-employed. My clients are referrals and word of mouth, whether friends or otherwise, they all have respectable businesses. It’s irrelevant who my clients are, the important thing is the work that was produced. The first item in my portfolio is for Dahabshiil Transfer Services Ltd (the largest African money transfer service). Hardly just a ‘mate.’



2. My personality was too laid back – not the right fit

Interviews can generally be a nerve-wracking experience. I was comfortable and at ease in the situation, which allows me to get through the interview in the best way I can. I conducted myself professional throughout.


3. Lack of packaging experience

Although the role involved packaging, it was stressed by Salt and during the interview that it wasn’t all packaging work but brand design also. My packaging experience is limited but if that was the deciding factor, I shouldn’t have been called for an interview. Due diligence when selecting ‘appropriate’ candidates for interview must have been lacking here. Furthermore, the feedback stated that “all he’s done is create stickers to go on packs – it’s not the same.” I found that disrespectful and it was an unnecessary swipe at my ability to produce great work as the interviewer said, and I quote, “packaging isn’t rocket science.”


4. Lack of studio experience

Again, I am self-employed, I have had freelance gigs in studios previously. In fact, during the interview, I was told the role wasn’t going to be studio based so it’s a bit of a moot comment.


5. Quite broad experience.



This feedback was not constructive in any way but instead came across quite rude. I’ve conducted interviews before, and I would never feedback in this manner. If a candidate is unsuccessful, you feedback in a constructive way that can help them improve in future.  It is important to be the right fit and interviews allow companies to determine this but clearly I wasn’t the right fit and they certainly wouldn’t have been for me.

Dodged a bullet there. Phew! We move on.

What bad interview experiences have you had? Have you been surprised by feedback you have received? Comment below.