The Futur

The Futur is my favourite YouTube channel. Their content is amazing and inspiring. Chris Do is the man but special mentions to Jose Cabeller, Ben Burns, Matthew Encina and Melinda Livsey as well.

First encounter

I came across The Futur by chance. I can’t remember exactly what I was searching for but I found the YouTube series called The Process with Chris Do and Jose Cabeller. At the time I wanted to grow my business, gain more clients, find out how much to charge and more. All the usual stuff you want to know. Up until that point it had been difficult to find this information so readily. It felt like it was the holy grail being protected by the guardians of the creative industry. But what a find this was.

I subscribed instantly after watching about 5 videos back to back. As I said before, the content is brilliant. The step by step processes and angle of looking at the business of design is what separates the Futur from most others. It does it in such a way that seamlessly integrates business and design, whilst keeping the content fun but informative.


One of the most memorable videos from the Channel was how to price logos. I was definitely one of those that was significantly undercharging but after that video, I had the confidence to charge more and not devalue myself. It was such an inspirational video, I had to tell anyone who would listen because it does translate across different industries. Watch below!

Another series on the channel I have a vested interest in is the conversations with Melinda Livsey. Melinda asks so many questions that I want to be answered, it’s actually quite scary. But it goes to show how many of us are in the same boat and have similar questions and enquiries. Its great to see her journey and levels of progression but shows that its no overnight success.

What I love about the videos is that it is literally a process. The delivery of the content is sharp and straight to point with no sugar coating and that’s what I want to hear.

I could go on but check out and subscribe to The Futur and just watch all of their videos. Whether you are a designer, creative, business owner or a dinner lady, you will find something there for you to help you elevate. Their website is pretty cool too, with a bunch of tools available to read, download and purchase. Check it out here >>>